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Posted February 28, 1999

The following tip may be of help to some users in case they encounter this problem in the future.

If a user enters a blank message and then postpones it, a bug in PINE can sometimes occur (even in PINE version 4.02A) which was reported as early as PINE version 3.91 back in 1995. After the user either (1) re-enters PINE at any time, or (2) postpones a legitimate message (pressing CTRL+O) and then tries to continue the legitimate postponed message (pressing C to Compose), a prompt will come up asking: "Continue postponed composition (answering ''No'' won't erase it)?" Answering "y" to continue the postponed message[s] will result in the error message "Empty folder. No messages really postponed!" This will then prevent the user from changing or accessing ANY postponed message unless the user navigates to the postponed-msgs folder manually. What is interesting is that if this erroneous postponed message is the only one, there is no postponed-msgs folder to delete in the folder-list.

There is an easy solution on the user's end which can alleviate this problem. I tried it and it worked for me. Go to the main directory of your account (for instance, in the command-line, use the following command: cd /usr/home/YOURUSERNAME) Then, issue the following command:
rm .pine-interrupted-mail

There are other known solutions and code-patches at the system manager's end, but this is one that works for any user.

Kevin Brook